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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to educate and empower students to become competent and professional healthcare providers. We are committed to instilling knowledge and confidence in our students, engaging them to be caring, empathetic and a promising asset to the healthcare community, while providing safe and quality care.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to provide the highest quality education while motivating, inspiring, and serving as many individuals as possible pursuing a healthcare career.

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About Select Health Career Training

Select Health Career Training believes that CNAs play an integral part in the healthcare team, being the eyes and ears for both their patients and team. We provide an enriched learning environment in small classroom settings for both academic and hands-on learning. We aim to prepare competent nursing assistants that are knowledgeable and safe, with a caring attitude, who can provide and coordinate nursing care for clients in a variety of healthcare settings. Graduate nursing assistants will be prepared to use their skills, knowledge, and understanding for giving safe and high-quality healthcare to their patients or residents.

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